What’s the Smoothie Diet?

What’s the Smoothie Diet?

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet, produced by Drew Sgoutas, has spawned many variations & imitations. All promise that replacing several of the meals of yours with smoothies will result in easy and quick industry loss.1?.

 Just like numerous weight-loss plans, although, the details are essential. As a part of a well-balanced diet, smoothies are able to enable you to lose some weight. But ingredients, meal size, and also the total diet plan of yours can make all of the difference.2?

What Experts Say

“The smoothie diet plan promises fast weight reduction, but pounds shed could be regained when transitioning to regular eating routine. While increasing vegetable and fruit intake is wise, a number of individuals may find it difficult to meet protein requirements on this particular diet with no correct planning.”

– Chrissy Carroll, RD, MPH


Sgoutas is a wellness coach (not a registered dietitian) who made the 21 Day Smoothie Diet to help you customers lose excess weight. The e book of his, “The Smoothie Diet,” has thirty six smoothie recipes, shopping lists, along with a three week routine outlining which smoothies to make every day. Also, he provides a “detox” plan with instructions and recipes for replacing 3 meals one day with smoothies for 3 days.3?

The way it Works

On this diet plan, you are going to prepare and drink 2 smoothies one day as meal replacements. The 3rd food of yours is up for you, but for the very best results it must be lower in calories. Sgoutas additionally suggests one “cheat day” every week but consists of a suggested food list because of this day. Also, he says that it’s good to repeat the 21 day cycle whenever you’d like losing weight.

 What you should Eat The smoothie ingredients differ, though they concentrate on veggies and fruits, with good fats and some protein. There’s a little assistance in e book for the main solid food food you are going to consume every day (recommendations for what you should eat, plus several “whole food” recipes). Sgoutas highlights that in case this particular food is absurdly high in energy, the diet program will not benefit weight reduction. The e-book comes with some suggested low-sugar, high fiber snacks.

 Suggested Timing

On the “detox” program, all 3 day meals are replaced with smoothies. On the 21 day plan, you will consume two meal replacement smoothies (lunch and breakfast), one solid food meal, and a number of snacks.


If needed, arrange a “flex day,” where you take in one smoothie and 2 regular foods. Additionally of note: The e book implies this diet isn’t for individuals with food allergies.

Cons as well as pros


Focus on vegetables as well as fruits

Less calorie counting and food tracking

Shopping lists included



Loaded with sugar

Planning might be time-consuming

Not sustainable

Lacks systematic support


Vegetables as well as fruits

 The smoothie diet’s dishes contain lots of veggies and fruits, which are an important component of a nutritious diet. They are generally lower in calories and abundant in phytonutrients.

Significantly less Counting

Compared with a number of other diet plans, the smoothie diet plan does not call for carb counting, a food diary, or maybe full time calorie counting. It can suggest becoming conscious of the calorie count in the day solid food food. With weekly meal plans and dishes (that is, smoothie plans) provided, there’s not a great deal of decision making and monitoring required, which happens to be a boon for many folks.

Going shopping Lists

The e book incorporates shopping prospect lists digested by smoothie and also by week, that simplifies grocery store visits while in the 3 days of the diet plan.

Despite these benefits, specialists have issues concerning the smoothie diet’s sustainability as well as effectiveness.



The majority of the diet’s smoothies are lacking in protein, and a number of fall short in fats that are wholesome. Sgoutas does emphasize getting sufficient protein during the day, recommending a minimum of fifty grams every day by consuming somewhat with each meal as well as snack. Nevertheless, a number of individuals might need extra assistance on this particular problem – and with no appropriate preparation, may fall short meeting their protein needs.4? In case you’re using a smoothie as being a meal replacement, be sure that it has each crucial macronutrient: carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Generally, fruit smoothies often include plenty of calories coming from carbohydrates and maybe a little quantity of extra fat. Though additionally, they need a great supply of lean protein. Proteins works to build muscle mass, which you have to have a proper metabolism. Experiment with adding a tablespoon or perhaps 2 of chia seeds to a smoothie. The seeds are going to thicken the drink of yours and offer an increase of fiber also.

Why and how to Increase the Protein to The Diet of yours

Loaded with Sugar

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet’s smoothies possess a great deal of fruit. While fruit contributes wholesome nutrition, it additionally includes a great deal of natural sugar. Some smoothies likewise call for honey, an additional sugar. This may be a problem for people with certain health conditions (which is the reason it is not recommended for individuals with diabetes).5? This 175 calorie peanut butter smoothie is sweet and creamy without the inclusion of any additional sugars.

Some smoothie recipes (on the diet plan and not) are extremely heavy. It can easily be appealing to thin them away with fruit juice. But juice is able to add lots of unnecessary sugar and calories. Water is going to make the smoothie of yours simpler to consume and ice will bring thickness. Try decreasing the depth of juice and adding ice or water to get the correct flavor and thickness for you.


Producing 2 or perhaps 3 smoothies one day (and washing the blender afterward) takes time. Even though you are able to quickly prep a morning smoothie and get it along with you for breakfast on the go, it is much more difficult to use a smoothie for lunch in case you are from house and do not have permission to access all the ingredients of yours along with a blender.

Not Sustainable

It’s very likely that users will slim down immediately whenever they start this diet because they’re cutting calories (while possibly cutting nutrients like good fats) and protein. But replacing servings with liquids, and existing on very few calories, is not a thing that majority of individuals are able to continue doing for much time.3? Additionally, it’s doable to lose muscle mass in case you lose some weight too fast. In case somebody goes back to the regular eating style of theirs and also increases the calorie consumption of theirs, they might discover the fat creeping back. This may be precisely why the e-book indicates repeating the 21 day diet as frequently as needed.

Lacks Evidence

There’s no strong scientific evidence to allow for the notion of detox diet programs – in part since there’s no clear definition of exactly what a detox does. The human body normally “detoxes” itself via excretion and digestion (such as bowel movements as well as sweat). Organs, similar to the kidneys, are intended to normally detox the body. No one food or even food combination is able to do this alone.

The way it Compares

Smoothie diets this way one are popular, though you will additionally find similarities between the 21 Day Smoothie Diet along with other short term, low calorie, and meal replacement diets. Bear in mind although that, generally, these do not meet expert advice on nutritious eating plans.3?

 USDA Recommendations

Meals Groups

USDA diet guidelines suggest filling the plate of yours with a well-balanced blend of protein, grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairy. That is for every meal, not only one each day. It is hard to get all those food and nutrients groups to a meal replacement smoothie and still get it be low and tasty in calories.


For losing weight, the USDA recommends an everyday calorie intake6? of aproximatelly 1500 calories. Sgoutas does recommend around 1500 calories each day in the e-book. However the shakes in “The Smoothie Diet” clock in at a lot less than that making it hard to attain the 1500 calorie target without overindulging in the 1 everyday food.

Setting up a calorie deficit is usually the fastest way to reduce weight sustainably and successfully. Though the proper amount of energy differs for everybody, due to things including age range, weight, sex, and activity level. Use this calculator to identify the calorie objective that might be right for you.

Identical Diets

These diets throughout the promise fast weight loss. But experts say they are not likely to result in lasting change.3?

The Smoothie Diet

Overall nutrition: For the majority of users, 2 homemade meal replacement shakes each day, along with a “regular” meal, might not provide the best balance of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fats that are good which the body needs.

Practicality: A great deal of the diet’s rules & directions are spelled out in the e book, making much less to discover on ones own. But preparing 2 smoothies one day might be a challenge for anybody who works outside of the home. Plus, there is a great deal of clean up.

Effectiveness: In the temporary, lots of followers of the diet will slim down. But in order to ensure that it stays off, they could need to stay on the diet beyond the 21 day period.

Sustainability: Any meal replacement diet is hard to stay with for the very long haul, since these replacements oftentimes are not as fulfilling as food that is actual.


Overall nutrition: On the SlimFast program, users drink 2 meal replacement shakes each day, together with several 100 calorie snacks (SlimFast produced or maybe homemade) plus a complete meal of 500 to 800 calories. The shakes are created using milk products along with other added nutrients and flavors and contain fat, fiber, and protein.

Practicality: No blending the own shakes of yours with this particular diet; simply buy built-in SlimFast shakes, and mix your very own with nonfat milk as well as SlimFast power. Just like the Smoothie Diet, you are going to need to monitor the calories of the day typical food.

Effectiveness: This diet program may be good at the temporary, as it cuts calories and it is very simple to go by with options that are some to make.

Sustainability: Transitioning from the food and snack replacements and regularly eating far fewer calories might be difficult for lots of people.

Special K Diet

Overall nutrition: Rather than replacing servings with shakes and shakes, cereal, along with any other Special K bars as well as snacks take center stage on the Special K Diet. Consume them for 2 out of three meals one day for two weeks. Since these nuts are fortified with particular nutrients, moreover the diet is just 2 days in length, it’s moderately protected from the nutrition standpoint, but potentially not the very best health option because most of the meals of yours are prepared, packaged meals. Additionally, it’s not ideal for everybody and does not cater to those with allergies or any other health conditions.

Practicality: Like SlimFast, this particular diet plan is really easy to go by. There’s simply no monitoring or maybe guesswork, and the Special K items are inexpensive and available readily.

Effectiveness: Some research suggests that cutting calories with this particular technique is able to result in loss of weight. Nevertheless, it’s unclear just how long this loss could be maintained.

Sustainability: This diet plan is intended to become a short term (two week) program. But any fat lost this way might be difficult to keep off.

Dr. Oz’s 21-Day Diet

Overall nutrition: On this particular structured food program, users choose from a recommended checklist of food: Mostly vegetables along with plant based proteins, with limited servings of fresh fruit, cereals, along with animal proteins (sugars and most prepared foods are off limits). Even if these nuts give good nutrition, industry experts say the program is simply too restrictive for long-term use.

Practicality: This program does not involve some calorie counting or maybe food tracking in any way. Things are presented in the summary of food, amount of servings, as well as (most) portion sizes. And no special ingredients or maybe supplements are needed. But preparing all food items (since convenience and prepared foods aren’t allowed) could be time consuming.

Effectiveness: Like the additional diets, users might well achieve some short term success. But simply like the Smoothie Diet, Dr. Oz states that saying the 21 day program of his is essential.

Sustainability: This diet plan cuts through a great deal of food that are popular and also restricts calories significantly, therefore for a lot of people, it is not likely to be one thing they are able to do for many years.

A Word From Verywell

Although you are able to get recipe suggestions from the Smoothie Diet’s e book, think about creating the own healthy smoothies of yours and working with them as one portion of a smart, healthy diet plan. For optimum outcomes, measure each ingredient along with tally the entire calorie count for the drink of yours so you realize the number of you will ingest if you drink it. This may save you from making a typical weight reduction mistake – underestimating the effect of liquid calories.3?

Use new or frozen fruit, like blueberries, mango, strawberries, apples or peaches. But additionally, branch out and use substances like watermelon, kale or spinach getting extra supplements and minerals.? Fix this?sweet green smoothie getting vitamin packed green veggies with the early morning meal of yours.

If losing weight is the goal of yours, avoid using high fat ingredients to obtain a creamy texture. A smoothie made with ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or maybe a huge amount of peanut butter is delicious, though it might be way too loaded with calories, extra fat, and sugar to enable you to slim down. Bananas, both frozen or at room temperature, present a heavy, consistency that is smooth without the additional calories as well as extra fat. If perhaps you like the flavor of peanut butter, choose an all natural brand and keep the portion of yours aproximatelly one tablespoon. In case you’re wanting to lessen the energy you are able to think about a powdered peanut butter retain in your mind it might not be as filling. Experiment to uncover smoothies which work for you, along with any other healthy recipes that offer a lot of nutrition without a great deal of calories.

Finally, keep in your mind that detox” diets aren’t indicated for some individuals, including kids, pregnant and nursing females, along with other people with specific health issues. Before beginning any diet make sure you discuss it together with your healthcare provider initially.

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