Must Try: The Tandem Food Truck

It’s 8 p.m. on a not so humid Saturday. Some 30 people, braving the Dubai weather and patiently lining up along the sidewalk in front of a converted step van parked on the street. The windows slide open, and the phenomenon that is the Food Truck kicks into high gear.

The Tandem Food Truck hopes to draw crowds and accolades; since last year, when Tamara Shawky and Nadim Maalouf hatched a plan to combine and share the two things that they love to do most – travel and eat.

Tandem is the newest addition to Roundup’s increasing fleet of Food Truck members, and with their unique motto that is Travel.Eat.Share, Tamara and Nadim have strong conviction that Tandem will perfectly blend well in the growing number of food on wheels in UAE. Joining in on the high demand for quality food and good service, The Tandem Food Truck gears up for a competitive market bringing with them their unique cuisine that focuses on food from around the world. Tandem uses only fresh ingredients and makes sure to add a delicious and unique twist on each dish that they serve.

Food Trucks aren’t new to Dubai’s landscape but Tamara and Nadim are prepared for the challenge to give something new to the market while offering affordable eats along roadsides and events all over the UAE. Since they are new to the business, the two friends know that the Food Truck industry is not for the faint-hearted and they are ready to give their best to become successful in the business and give a unique addition to the growing palate of delicious street food.

Tandem’s concept revolves around dishes from different parts of the globe making people experience the rich and delicious cuisine the world can offer. Their menu listings are the Tandem Burger, Pulled Beef Sandwich, Toasted Avocado Sandwich, Quinoa Falafel Wrap, Korean Chicken Pao, Vietnamese salad, French fries and many more.

Recently, Food Trucks have been getting attention in the F&B community and more people are falling in love with the kind of street food the UAE has to offer.  From delicious burgers and yummy brisket to exotic coffee drinks and treats – a whole convoy of roaming restaurants are turning the UAE into a scene out of Chef and The Tandem Food Truck will soon be a special addition to the list.

Social media plays a vital role in the business boosting Food Trucks as a unique and special addition to events, caterings and special occasions, proving that Food Trucks provide a new experience to people who do not want the typical fine dining that they experience in malls and restaurants.

According to Tamara and Nadim, Food Trucks open the doors for people to experience different types of food on the go. Each Food Truck has something unique to offer so at one event, people can get a variety of delicious and different cuisines.

“We believe that there is a lot of potential in the UAE Food Truck movement. The Food Truck owners love selling their food and the market loves eating it, so it’s a perfect combination and balance” the two friends, added.

Soon, with so many UAE events that are happening every day, Nadim and Tamara are confident that Tandem Food Truck will also be famous in the hearts of the Food Truck lovers.

Join Tandem Food Truck on their adventure as they fill the streets of the UAE with delicious food.

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