Roundup Launches 2nd Food Truck Seminar

More than 20 people got a chance to learn all about the mobile food business last March 18, 2016 as Roundup launched its very first “Run A Food Truck in UAE”.  A seminar that is focused on how to start a food truck, which has gained a lot of popularity the past couple of years in UAE. “It’s an easy financial capital access way, where the price of entry is much lower than a brick and mortar location,” explained Kris Haggie, Director of Roundup. Topics ranged from food safety regulations to financing and marketing of a food truck business in UAE.

Now, the second seminar will open soon on April 13, 2016 from 7 PM – 9 PM at the Dubai Chamber. Interested clients’ will now have the chance to ask all the questions they have about the Food Truck business and get the answers immediately. Roundup is open for clients who want to know more information about the food truck business and the processes involved.

The Roundup Food Truck seminar is design to help answer any questions potential food truckers may have and offer guidance and expertise in the booming Food Truck industry in UAE. The focus of the seminar is to inform and educate about what it takes to start and run a food truck, what regulations typically exist, and how to position the business for success once it’s up and running.

For those who will be attending the seminar, or even those whose schedule may not afford them the opportunity to attend, here is an appetizer of Food Truck 101. If you are considering this business at all, you probably have an idea of the type(s) of cuisine you would like to sell. However, even before you begin to consider your menu, you will want to consider how you are going to sell your culinary delights.

There are six main points that everyone contemplating a food truck business should consider:

1)    You need to consider your available startup money, your money budget and the potential for returns

2)    You need to consider your commitment to the business: full time operation, part time, special occasions etc.

3)    Your creative ideas and what it will take to fulfill them (i.e. time, money, logistics etc.)

4)    Your experience (if any) at running a business

5)    The size of the business you want to start (i.e. a food trailer, a food truck etc.)

6)    Your ideal demographic


Whether you are attending the seminar this April, one in the future, or are even considering jumping straight in feet first, grabbing a notebook and thoughtfully jotting down the answers to the above questions can only serve to help ensure that your food truck journey gets started in the right direction!

Rest assured that Roundup is here to help and answer all of your questions to help you get started.

After all, we are a one stop shop for all your food truck needs!

To know more about Roundup Food Truck services, send an email to Kris Haggie at

If you are interested in the seminar this April, send an RSVP to