Casa Latina: The First Latino Food Truck in UAE

The Casa Latina Food Truck was born from a passion for food, family and culture. After over 10 years living overseas, these two young couple entrepreneurs have certainly been missing their home town’s flavors, music and colors.

The couple’s Food Truck inspiration has started after watching the western movie “The Chef” where a world class Los Angeles, USA Chef leaves everything behind and get on a “Cuban Style Food Truck Adventure” to a major success; the couple wondered if such an amazing way of sharing flavors will be possible in UAE.

The couple entrepreneur promises to bring a taste of their home country, from north to south of Latin America through Casa Latina Food Truck. Casa Latina offers authentic flavors with a flair for comfort. It honors the integrity of each ingredient and beckons home with every bite. Its cuisine comes from the couple’s family roots, more than 8 decades of recipes that were pass from generation to generation. They also shared the family secrets to their very well trained staff of Venezuelan chefs who incorporate all the tips and certainly improved all the ideas to a full concept that today is the “Casa Latina” menu.

Casa Latina Food Truck boasts that their food is one of a kind, Latino food highly influenced by Venezuelan flavors. Their core dish the “Arepa” is a gluten-free delicious option that can be adapted to any taste by simply changing the fillings that ranges from spicy, vegetarian, meat lover, cheese lover, fit oriented etc. Their drinks are one of a kind as well with a “take home” glass jar option, 100% fresh and natural infused with fruits of all kinds.

These Food Truck owners believe that UAE community is ready to the full “Latino” experience. The Latino community itself comprises over 6,000 people all over UAE, this is a good number of people looking for their home away from home and Casa Latina will be there to say to everyone “MiCasa es tu Casa” and welcome them to a culinary experience like no other in the region.

“Casa Latina will be a very well-known brand, not only for ready to eat food out of a truck or in private catering basis, but also as a take away products’ that can be found not only in the “Casa Latina Shop” next to our truck window, but also in stores and supermarkets all over UAE”, the couple exclaimed.

Casa Latina Food Truck is aiming to have a good shot at the UAE street food market and aims to cater all the food truck lovers the unique taste that they can only provide. With this, the Casa Latina Team gears up for more exciting, and busy Food Truck events through the help of Roundup. They are proud to say that Casa Latina is the first Latino Food Truck and they aim to be the best as well.

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