Shish Tawook is actually a really famous skewered chicken dish in the Middle East. Think of absolutely tender and juicy chicken that is been marinating in earthy spices, yogurt, lemon juice and garlic. That is just what you get with my shish tawook recipe. Even though the recipe is actually Middle Eastern, you would be amazed just how approachable the materials are actually.
Although my formula is actually Lebanese depending on how my parents taught me to make it, the origin of the title is actually from Turkey. Shish means skewers and tawook means chicken. The Ottoman (Turkish) Empire ruled Lebanon for some time, that describes the Turkish influence on Lebanese food!

How you can create shish tawook This formula is actually all about the the marinade! I have played around with this particular blend and different choices is by far the favorite of mine!

Basically the 3 most prominent substances in the marinade are actually yogurt, lemon juice and garlic (six total garlic cloves!). Though I also add tomato paste to make it that rich white color, and other spices such as ginger, oregano, cinnamon, and paprika. Blend all the ingredients and you will get this particular orangey creamy color prepared for one to coat the chicken with.
Include the big cubes of chicken breast to the marinade and ensure that things are well coated. While the yogurt as well as lemon are actually vital parts of the taste of this particular meal, they also serve as a tenderizer for the chicken. That is what can make the chicken come out very juicy and tender. Let it marinate for a minimum of four hours or perhaps overnight.
Skewer the chicken before you are prepared to prepare it. I love adding chunks of cream onions on each skewer to consume with the sandwich. I like how onions get sweeter when they are grilled…the perfect vegetable with this shish tawook.

Traditionally, these chicken skewers are actually intended to be grilled outdoors. You are able to also use an inside grill pan or maybe regular pan in case you do not have a grill pan. In either case, you would be amazed how fast the shish tawook cooks, all because of lemon juice as well as the yogurt in the starting that helped tenderize the chicken!
When it is cooked, I like making sandwiches with cabbage, a good deal and pickles of homemade Lebanese garlic sauce. You will need to pile on that sauce – it is dairy free, full of taste as well as completely takes takes any shish tawook sandwich to a different level! In the book of mine, it is mandatory to consume it with tawook.

Often asked questions How long does chicken that is grilled keep?
Shish tawook are best served the moment they’re prepared so they’re incredibly succulent. If you have leftovers help keep them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to four days. You are able to reheat the skewers once, in case you reheat it is better to cover them with foil so they do not dry out. I love keeping the leftovers cold in addition to a salad.

So why do you have to marinade the chicken?
Marinating the chicken won’t just add flavor, though it also really helps to tenderize the chicken and help lock in the moisture content whenever you grill them. Marinate them for no less than four hours and all you’ve to is actually grill them when you’re prepared to deliver.

What do you perform with shish tawook?

I really love serving these as hand held meal in a pita with lettuce and garlic sauce, though you are able to quickly turn these into a bigger sit down meal also. Try serving them with Lebanese Rice, Fattoush Salad or perhaps with Cauliflower Rice.

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