Maid Services in Dubai The clients of ours in Dubai are professionals that are busy, married with kids, along with young singles. We offer part time cleaning products for pet owners, parents and even all those that desire to preserve the electricity of theirs for items apart from cleaning house.
Individuals who would like to invest their time pursuing careers, hobbies and experiencing friends and family require Dubai Maids. They’re individuals who may have encountered the stress and stress of getting and firing various other maid services and have at last recognized that it truly can be a lot more easy.

Dubai Maids may be the one professional cleaning service which simplifies life by looking after anything, which means you are able to switch the attention of yours to various other matters.

Our goal is providing the ideal residential cleaning service for you at probably the most sensible price… Our process starts with a free in home estimate. This consists of jogging through the home of yours and discussing along with you your cleaning really needs in every area and jobs you’d want having completed. This way your cleansing is customized to meet the requirements of yours.

Our program concentrates on weekly, biweekly, monthly and unique single cleanings. The cleaning of your house is performed by a 2 member team. This team is given to the home of yours on a routine basis to be able to provide a far more consistent service.
The GOAL of ours… The GUARANTEE of ours…
Customized Cleaning of any Room
Hotel Maid Service

Dubai has right now become among the top tourist destination, hotel rooms will be in demand that is high. Dubai maids have a hotel maid service to step in and also assist you when you’ve staff shortages. Our staff are incredibly well educated, always well presented in excellent uniforms and are qualified to discuss many areas of hotel requirements.

Party Maid Service

Consider the stress out of the party of yours, In case you’re running a home party or maybe barbecue let our maids enable you to, we are able to help with food preparation, serving a, drinks, and food final cleanup. This leaves you time period to enjoy the occasion of yours almost as the guests of yours will.

Babysitting Service

Now you can find experienced and friendly evening babysitters, while at short notice. For the reassurance we Dubai Maid Service meet with every single babysitter personally as well as double check all references thoroughly. At Dubai Maids all our babysitters have many years of childcare experience.

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