All You need to Know to Host a Flawless Cocktail Party

All You need to Know to Host a Flawless Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties may have taken a small break during the more casual decades of the 1960s and 1970s, but since then they’ve regained the popularity of theirs with full strength. Wine and beer are still popular beverages, but there has been a huge resurgence in the acceptance of mixed drinks.

 For the busy host, a cocktail party is actually a handy way to entertain some type of guest list ranging from neighbors to business associates. The standard time for this party is just 2 hours. Due to the fluid nature of this particular party, you are able to mix guests who might not feel comfortable sitting across from one another at a three hour dinner party.

 Among the best parts of hosting a cocktail party is you are able to experiment with a wide selection of food on the menu of yours. Since every person will be eating only little tastes, in case they do not like something, it is possible to be certain that there’ll be a lot of other options for them. Everyone is more likely to see one thing they’ll like.


But going back to the most important part of the cocktail party, the cocktails, below is actually a summary of some current favorite cocktails.

Cosmopolitan – A fun, pink drink that was popularized on the HBO series Sex and the City.

Dirty Martini – Do not worry, you will not have to wash after this drink. But with the addition of olive juice, this drink has a salty bite to it.

Chocolate Martini – This drink has special appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. But it does not are like what you would expect.

Apple Martini – I do not know if this would count toward your 5-a-day fruit and veggie requirement!

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Cocktail Tips

Whether you are a seasoned cocktail party host or perhaps are simply stepping into the modern world of cocktail party entertaining, here are tips to help make your next party a successful event.

 Stock up on plenty of ice. You will require it for chilling bottles of beer, champagne or wine as well as serving in drinks on the rocks. A great rule is actually ​to plan to have one pound of ice per guest.

Be ready with an assortment of glass styles to cover the kind of drinks you plan to serve. These include wine glasses for wines, water and juice ; straight sided highballs for tall drinks; tumblers for juices and spirits ; and martini glasses.

Have twice as many glasses on hand as guests. For wine, martini and champagne glasses, wine glass charms are going to help guests to keep track of glasses as they mill about the party of yours.

For a two hour party where you just plan on serving wine and/or champagne, you will have to have one bottle for every 2 guests. Have a mix of red and white varieties. White used to be the predominant favorite, but white is actually becoming just as popular.

For a basic bar, you will want to stock up on beer, wines, whiskey, and vodka. For a more complete bar, you are able to add brandy, sherry, vermouth, bourbon, rum, tequila, and gin .

Do not forget to stock up on mixers including Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, limes, lemons, Tabasco, tomato juice, cola, ginger ale, tonic, soda, and orange juice .

In case you anticipate the guests of yours are going to be wine drinkers, you are able to prepare by uncorking a few bottles in advance, and then replacing the corks.

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Think about hiring a bartender to mix the drinks for the party of yours. That can allow you a lot more time to socialize with the guests of yours. There are also caterers that specialize in bartending services only.

Have coffee available for any guests that may require a little assistance at the end of the party. Your local taxi company phone number must also be handy and offered to any guests you think should not be driving.

A cocktail party isn’t a family event–encourage the guests of yours with kids to get a sitter for the night.

Food Tips

The beauty of cocktail party food is the fact that it could be a fun, eclectic selection of items. Since nobody is going to be eating lots of any one item, you are able to toss in a couple of experiments and still have enough safe items so that nobody will go home hungry. Here are a few simple guidelines for planning your cocktail party menu:

Aim for variety in your menu including sea food, canapes, finger food, meat selections, cold and hot dishes.

Although sweets are not generally considered cocktail party food, it is nice to offer one or perhaps 2 sweet nibbles toward the end of the party. Along with satisfying any lurking sweet teeth, it helps you to let guests know that the party will be wrapping up soon.

When estimating food quantities, plan on serving approximately 6 bites per person, per hour for a two hour party, when no dinner will be served.

For hors d’oeuvres that are not pieces, like dips and cheese, one ounce is actually equivalent to one bite.

It’s usually better to overestimate than underestimate the amount of food you serve.

Menu for a Cocktail Party If pressed for time, you can leave off one or perhaps 2 of these choices. But since many can be made in advance, why would you like?

Paige’s Hot Peppered Candy Walnuts – This recipe is actually a highly recommended accompaniment to martinis.

Tapenade Cracker Bites – This really easy nibble uses all prepared food items.

4 Cheese Pate Recipe – This recipe is similar to a dressed up cheese ball. It is easy because no cooking or even baking is required.

Salmon Tarts – Another really easy bite that uses only 3 ingredients.

Szechwan Cold Garlic Shrimp – This one is going to take a little bit of work, but since a great deal of the recipe may be prepared in advance, it is well worth it.

Beef Satay – These small sticks of beef are actually accompanied by a peanut dipping sauce.

Bruschetta – An popular and elegant hors d’oeuvres.

Forgotten Cookies – A foolproof and simple treat.

Mocha Shortbread – The texture of shortbread almost makes it fall into the savory category fitting for a cocktail party.

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