Welcome to ROUNDUP Diaries. Your daily guide to food trucks activity in UAE – Events, trucks Profile and Menu, new Food Trucks, how to book a food truck and even, how to start a food truck business. Right here, we all share our love for food trucks !


ROUNDUP is your destination for Food Trucks in UAE. A platform for food truck businesses, ROUNDUP food trucks are docked at all the major events, gigs and shows in town. Head to one of our Food trucks and treat yourself to the plethora of choices – be it our award winning Tex Mex burritos or goan food infused with a little bit of dubai, or if you fancy some good ol’ shawarmas with some premium organic coffee.

And its a carnival on every weekend. Introducing ROUNDUP markets !!!

Hangout with all your food trucks at Zaabeel park on fridays and Dubai Creek on Saturdays. And there is more – featured acts, group events and diverse activities.Have a day out like nothing you have seen before in UAE !