Get Ready To Get ROUNDED UP

If you know it, you are very cool. If you don’t, here’s some juice.

First ever Food Truck Carnival in Dubai

You are invited to the first ever Round Up Market – a food festival that will showcase food trucks in the UAE. Food trucks are a rage, globally, with food lovers giving their patronage to various food trucks that bring street food, fusion food or traditional cuisine. Food trucks have made it to long running food shows on television across the globe. UAE food lovers were missing the action locally, and so Round Up Market plugs in the gap with its food truck carnival this weekend, i.e. on the 23rd and 24th of October at Dubai Zabeel Park and Dubai Creek Park, respectively.

Food trucks will dock up to serve more than 40,000 food aficionados and more. It promises to be a complete weekend day out with food, music and shopping festivities.

UAE based F&B market leader 54 Degree East launches ROUND UP, the first food trucks services in middle east, with a fleet of 100 food trucks. Food trucks are restaurants on wheels, serving quick, fresh and quality food. It has evolved into an established service concept, particularly in the USA.

So get your appetite when you visit the Round Up Market, over the weekend. The food trucks will comprise of ecclectic food brands like MOB, Fit, Calle Tacos, Bio Bean, Shawarma Station, Jordanian Brisket Truck, Toasted Grilled Cheese & Gobai.

Founder and CEO of 540 East Ms. Rafia Al Mulla opines “The food truck business has a relatively low barrier to entry and more flexibility, as compared to starting a brick & mortar restaurant. Combined with advantages of free marketing means and rapid proto typing, food trucks will become wildly popular and an important part of the hospitality industry.’

Mr. Inderjeet Bubber, GM Operations, 54 Degree East predicts that food trucks are the way ahead in the F&B industry. It also has the potential for various food lovers to start up their own endeavours without the investments of a restaurant, he feels. Round Up has received full support from the  entrepreneurship initiative of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCII).

Here’s what you do – come to Round Up market, eat all you can from the various food trucks, take pictures, upload them on your social media pages, call over friends and eat some more. And don’t forget to tag us as you hop from food truck to food truck. Use #RoundUpMarket, #RoundUpZabeel, #RoundUpCreek and #RoundedUp.


Street Food Evolution : From Chuck Wagons to present Day Food Trucks

The food truck industry has been growing steadily for the past few years. Both already existing restaurants and first time entrepreneurs see great benefit from opening a food truck and rightfully so considering the present pace of world.

But the precursor to this industry first came in the 19th century by the name of Chuckwagon, when the Texas Cattle Rancher Charles Goodnight in 1866 fitted a sturdy old Army Wagon with kitchenware and food and medical supplies.

Another early relative of modern food truck is the Lunch Wagon which sold coffee, sandwiches and pies to pressman and journalists of Rhode Island. The concept was conceived by Walter Scott in 1872. By 1880s there were food wagons in many cities of the US, like Worcester, Massachusetts etc. courtesy former lunch-counter boy Thomas H Buckley. The wagons by now had features such as refrigerators and cooking stoves.

However this was just a start. Later mobile canteens were created in 1950s which operated on US army bases, but with time they also began to cater to the blue-collar population.

Traditionally food trucks have been providing a means for on-the-go person to grab a quick bite at a low cost. However in a post recession world food trucks have become a rage, wherein experienced chefs are now investing in it. Food trucks are also trying to change the image of their food as being greasy and unhealthy, as the trend nowadays is the use of fresh and local ingredients.  The trend is also going into the gourmet side of food having more and more professional chefs ride on the bandwagon.  This has produced a lot of food trucks that have increasingly gone into specialty, ethnic and fusion food. Food trucks are also being hired for special events, such as weddings, school dances, birthday parties, retirement parties, and such public gatherings as art festivals and movie nights.

Food Trucks indeed have come a long way…