5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Food Truck

Food Trucks, a successful concept in the West, is fast becoming a rage owing to their low startup costs and a medium for instant gratification. Restaurants look at food trucks as an alternative channel to reach their customers, over brick and mortar outlets. So why should one own a food truck instead of a stationary restaurant.

We list here five reasons why you should in-fact choose food trucks:

1) Cool Quotient: A Food Truck is all about quick service and unique cultural experience.

2) Hassle Free: You are not required to get into land dealings. You invest in a truck or a firm which deals with a similar franchise.                                                                                                                   3) Maneuverability: A motorized van is the best solution if you want to get around the city (or across the country) to various sites, events etc. with high footfall. No heavy lifting, simply drive…

4) Expeditious: Quickest and easiest unit to operate from.

5) Flexibility: You can update your product as and when you want. Your cooking passion gets full freedom.