Food Trucks Financing Made Simple

Financial solutions from Al Hail ORIX Finance PSC in cooperation with Roundup

Food Truck Division and Association

54° East is pioneering “Food Trucks” services in this region. This relatively low cost of entry as compared to starting a restaurant combined with free low cost ways to market them has become a wildly popular and important part of the hospitality industry. At 54°East, we are dedicated to Feeding Your Lifestyle!

Sold more than 30 Roundup Food Trucks to other F&B operators Delivered EBIDTA margins of above 40% outperforming its peer group Generates stable revenue stream from a “lock in” customer base.

Key Features

Flexible terms & conditions

Loans available from 12- 48 months

Finance option for individuals and businesses

UAE nationals / UAE residents

Quick processing

Insurance included in the finance

Requirements & Criteria (Retail)


  • Passport, Visa and Emirates ID copy of applicant
  • Salary certificate and NOC from employer
  • 1 year minimum employment
  • Salary transfer bank statements
  • Food Truck business plan including projections


  • Passport, Visa and Emirates ID copy of all shareholders
  • Trade License, MOA and all relevant legal documents
  • Audited financials and Bank statements
  • Food Truck business plan including
  • Corporate business profile

Food Truck Finance Repayments Schedule

Typical monthly repayments based on the average cost of the Food Truck and the tenure of the loan*

Food Truck Cost ** 1 year 2 year 3 year


4 year
500,000 31,097 16,476 11,625



*The above mentioned calculations are only for illustrative purpose and subject to Al Hail Orix Finance PSC approval.

** The cost of Food Truck is exclusive of insurance cost and a minimum 30% down payment is applicable. Terms & conditions apply

Food Trucks as a Business

Food Trucks cost much less to start and run than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. They can also quickly and easily test new concepts, menus and recipes. They are tightly focused on their customers providing instant insights into menu and food preferences. They can test new products real-time with daily menus. Using social media and geo-location tools, they broadcast new food concepts. These trends, coupled with their low cost and flexible business model, will drive food trucks to continued success!

Business Principles

  • Manage a strong and unique brand mix
  • Generate top quartile industry profits
  • Develop superior operation & marketing management
  • Employ highly proficient and regularly trained employees
  • Deliver best in class food and beverage concepts
  • Implement successful CSR across all its operations

3 New Roundup Food Trucks You Should Watch Out For

The Roundup Food Truck family is getting bigger. Here are the 3 new Food Trucks that will be hitting the UAE streets soon.

Dilly’s Rolling Stove’s vision is to be a pioneer in the food truck business. Their mission is to have a fleet of innovative concepts. Committed to satisfying our customers’ passion for food.

Intucca is a new word in the world of quick and healthy food. We present healthy alternative to conventional fast food. Using halal turkey, beef and fresh ingredients without compromising on the quality.

Fruteiro is an international brand of healthy, detox, immune booster smoothies! It is tasty, energetic and best option to start the day.


For private hire, events, bookings of these trucks,  email for more information.


Casa Latina: The First Latino Food Truck in UAE

The Casa Latina Food Truck was born from a passion for food, family and culture. After over 10 years living overseas, these two young couple entrepreneurs have certainly been missing their home town’s flavors, music and colors.

The couple’s Food Truck inspiration has started after watching the western movie “The Chef” where a world class Los Angeles, USA Chef leaves everything behind and get on a “Cuban Style Food Truck Adventure” to a major success; the couple wondered if such an amazing way of sharing flavors will be possible in UAE.

The couple entrepreneur promises to bring a taste of their home country, from north to south of Latin America through Casa Latina Food Truck. Casa Latina offers authentic flavors with a flair for comfort. It honors the integrity of each ingredient and beckons home with every bite. Its cuisine comes from the couple’s family roots, more than 8 decades of recipes that were pass from generation to generation. They also shared the family secrets to their very well trained staff of Venezuelan chefs who incorporate all the tips and certainly improved all the ideas to a full concept that today is the “Casa Latina” menu.

Casa Latina Food Truck boasts that their food is one of a kind, Latino food highly influenced by Venezuelan flavors. Their core dish the “Arepa” is a gluten-free delicious option that can be adapted to any taste by simply changing the fillings that ranges from spicy, vegetarian, meat lover, cheese lover, fit oriented etc. Their drinks are one of a kind as well with a “take home” glass jar option, 100% fresh and natural infused with fruits of all kinds.

These Food Truck owners believe that UAE community is ready to the full “Latino” experience. The Latino community itself comprises over 6,000 people all over UAE, this is a good number of people looking for their home away from home and Casa Latina will be there to say to everyone “MiCasa es tu Casa” and welcome them to a culinary experience like no other in the region.

“Casa Latina will be a very well-known brand, not only for ready to eat food out of a truck or in private catering basis, but also as a take away products’ that can be found not only in the “Casa Latina Shop” next to our truck window, but also in stores and supermarkets all over UAE”, the couple exclaimed.

Casa Latina Food Truck is aiming to have a good shot at the UAE street food market and aims to cater all the food truck lovers the unique taste that they can only provide. With this, the Casa Latina Team gears up for more exciting, and busy Food Truck events through the help of Roundup. They are proud to say that Casa Latina is the first Latino Food Truck and they aim to be the best as well.

Follow Casa Latina on their social media pages:

Facebook: CasaLatinaFoodTruck

Twitter: @CasaLatina_UAE

Instagram: Casalatina_UAE


Toasted: Dubai’s First and Only Grilled Cheese Food Truck

Today, we proclaim that it’s the National Grilled Cheese Day! To start the festivities right, we’ve highlighted the Roundup Food Truck member, Toasted Food Truck who offers the cheesiest, messiest, and tastiest versions of grilled sandwiches. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Toasted Food Truck offers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches using unique combination of the freshest ingredients, exquisite cheeses, fresh baked bread and much, much more.

With the help of 54 East & Roundup, Toasted brings the Food Truck revolution to the people of Dubai.

Foodie entrepreneurs Sarah Ghauri and Salmaan Asgher are the people behind Toasted Food Truck and since they start operating, UAE can’t have enough of their delicious grilled sandwiches. Having lived in the US and UK, they look to take their original brand and concept to new heights.

Offering globally famous comfort foods such as gourmet versions of the classic grilled cheese sandwich, an array of amazing sides, ballpark hotdogs, and custom fries, Toasted Food Truck is poised to become a delicious force in Dubai’s ever growing culinary landscape.

At Toasted Food Truck, they offer gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches using unique combination of the freshest ingredients, exquisite cheeses, fresh baked bread and much, much more!

Toasted Food Truck offers many delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and here are some of them:

The Classic is made of cheddar, Swiss and Monterey jack cheese

Beef Hotdog is classic all American beef hotdog on a bun with choice of toppings

Toasted Food Truck’s ingredients are 100 % fresh  every single day of the week

 The Vintage  is all about the Ciabatta, pesto, mozzarella, provolone, tomato, and grilled chicken

 The Mexican is  a blend of sourdough, pepperoni, cheddar, mozzarella, jalapeno, and tomato grilled to perfection

Cheese and Onion balls, Mozzarella sticks and Gooey Cheese Bites

Our biggest fan getting Toasted! #toasteddubai #gettoasted #grilledcheese #foodtrucks #jazzfest #mydubai #mmm

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For private hire, events, bookings  email for more information.





4 New Roundup Food Trucks You Will Love

Food Trucks are best known for their delicious and creative cuisine, often pushing the limits with crazy creations that can only be found at one of the mobile eateries seen cruising through the streets. Dubai’s street food craze has definitely reached its peak since more people are joining the mobile restaurant industry.

Here are the 4 new Food Trucks that will be hitting the UAE streets soon proving that the Roundup Food Truck family is getting bigger.

Hot Boxx Food Truck is an international level food provider and new to the UAE. They will add another color in the UAE street food with tasty and healthy menu.

Casa Latina Food Truck brings the best of Latin American flavors in UAE through their best Venezuelan chefs. Casa Latina promises that their food will surely tastes like home.

Tandem Food Truck offers organic produce with menu that caters vegetarian options, highlights unique dishes from around the world.

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Mr. Brisket Food Truck brings the inspiration from 17 different countries to create the ultimate recipe using organic grass-fed beef and uses 16 different types of wood over a 12-hour smoking period. The concept dish is a brisket burger, teamed with melted organic cheese.

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For more information about Roundup Food Trucks, contact us through or call us at 04-514-9488.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Food Truck Owner

The Food Truck business is a challenging but fun experience. If you have the passion for it, all the work will be like a stroll in the park. Roundup believes that to create a successful Food Truck business, one need’s to develop a culture of hard work and perseverance.

Take a look into an exciting day in the life of a Food Truck owner. (Keep in mind that one’s schedule will look different if one serves on a different service time, such as breakfast or lunch.)

9 a.m. to noon

Food Truck owners are expected to be awake already at this time, they will be very busy going over their calendar of events and planning out their day. After meeting for 30 minutes the team members, the Food Truck should be ready to drive to its meet-up location, the commercial kitchen.

Noon to 12:30 p.m.

Food Truck owners will meet their team to discuss notes, daily specials, and suggestions from lessons learned the previous day. The team should share with everyone what they’ve heard overnight from local news and from customers and competitors. Sharing this information keeps everyone in the loop, part of the team, and, in most cases, in high spirits.

12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

During this time, the team goes to the market and bakery or to inventory the food shipments that have been delivered. After getting the food needed for the truck, everyone heads to the commercial kitchen to chop fruits and vegetables, blend the sauces, and grill the meat (if it’s part of the menu).

Those team members not involved in the food preparation will organize the truck to ready it for the work night, fire up their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat accounts to notify followers of the truck’s location(s), and conduct another round of correspondence and phone calls.

5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Time to head to the “office”; The Food Truck should now be ready to go to the location / event.

6 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

It’s show time! The moment has come to open the doors and windows, practice the trade, and make their mark on the community. When the Food Truck reaches the destination and a line of people are already at the curb, the sight is both invigorating and energizing.

It’s invigorating because the brand already has loyal followers who have found the truck location and are waiting to be served a meal from the heart. It’s energizing because the team needs to park and start cooking quickly so the customers won’t be waiting too long.

Now is when the Food Truck team must enjoy the job; now is the point where they’ll have the chance in engaging to their customers, get real-time feedback and promote the brand in a much more personal manner.

 2:30 a.m. to 5 a.m.

The event is over and the Food Truck has made its way back to the commercial kitchen. The team will clean out the truck and wash it down so it’s ready for the next shift.

Make sure to store the food and lock up the truck. After it, the team can finally head home.

On the trip home, the Food Truck owners can reflect back on the day and be very thankful for the success of the event and after a final round of reading e-mails and listening to phone messages, the workday is over, only to start again tomorrow.

For more information on how to get your Food Truck, Roundup Food Trucks services is open for all food service businesses – newly formed or established ones, to partner in food services for their specific customer groups. Interested businesses and individuals can visit our website or submit proposals of their respective business concepts at or call us at 04-514-9488 for more information.

Must Try: The Tandem Food Truck

It’s 8 p.m. on a not so humid Saturday. Some 30 people, braving the Dubai weather and patiently lining up along the sidewalk in front of a converted step van parked on the street. The windows slide open, and the phenomenon that is the Food Truck kicks into high gear.

The Tandem Food Truck hopes to draw crowds and accolades; since last year, when Tamara Shawky and Nadim Maalouf hatched a plan to combine and share the two things that they love to do most – travel and eat.

Tandem is the newest addition to Roundup’s increasing fleet of Food Truck members, and with their unique motto that is Travel.Eat.Share, Tamara and Nadim have strong conviction that Tandem will perfectly blend well in the growing number of food on wheels in UAE. Joining in on the high demand for quality food and good service, The Tandem Food Truck gears up for a competitive market bringing with them their unique cuisine that focuses on food from around the world. Tandem uses only fresh ingredients and makes sure to add a delicious and unique twist on each dish that they serve.

Food Trucks aren’t new to Dubai’s landscape but Tamara and Nadim are prepared for the challenge to give something new to the market while offering affordable eats along roadsides and events all over the UAE. Since they are new to the business, the two friends know that the Food Truck industry is not for the faint-hearted and they are ready to give their best to become successful in the business and give a unique addition to the growing palate of delicious street food.

Tandem’s concept revolves around dishes from different parts of the globe making people experience the rich and delicious cuisine the world can offer. Their menu listings are the Tandem Burger, Pulled Beef Sandwich, Toasted Avocado Sandwich, Quinoa Falafel Wrap, Korean Chicken Pao, Vietnamese salad, French fries and many more.

Recently, Food Trucks have been getting attention in the F&B community and more people are falling in love with the kind of street food the UAE has to offer.  From delicious burgers and yummy brisket to exotic coffee drinks and treats – a whole convoy of roaming restaurants are turning the UAE into a scene out of Chef and The Tandem Food Truck will soon be a special addition to the list.

Social media plays a vital role in the business boosting Food Trucks as a unique and special addition to events, caterings and special occasions, proving that Food Trucks provide a new experience to people who do not want the typical fine dining that they experience in malls and restaurants.

According to Tamara and Nadim, Food Trucks open the doors for people to experience different types of food on the go. Each Food Truck has something unique to offer so at one event, people can get a variety of delicious and different cuisines.

“We believe that there is a lot of potential in the UAE Food Truck movement. The Food Truck owners love selling their food and the market loves eating it, so it’s a perfect combination and balance” the two friends, added.

Soon, with so many UAE events that are happening every day, Nadim and Tamara are confident that Tandem Food Truck will also be famous in the hearts of the Food Truck lovers.

Join Tandem Food Truck on their adventure as they fill the streets of the UAE with delicious food.

Contact Details: (0) 52 966 9620


Facebook account: @tandemdxb

Instagram account: @tandemdxb

Snapchat account: @tandemdxb


4 Traits of a Successful Food Truck Owner

# 1: Open for Changes  

When starting a Food Truck, owners can expect a few bumps in the road. In Roundup, owners will not be alone in every journey especially during the first months of operation since this is the beginning stage of the business. Roundup will still guide the Food Truck business, offers events, consultation and support in any way possible to achieve the Food Truck owners’ business objectives.

Also, in order to be current and meet the food industry’s demands, Food Truck owners needs to be open for changes. They should be ready for improvements as it this very essential in making one’s Food Truck successful in terms of becoming observant to the current trend and customers’ taste or preference.

# 2: Curious

Roundup helps Food Truck owners in how to build a brand and create a unique story to be a truly successful Food Truck. Roundup believes that every single successful Food Truck owner should have an identifiable brand. This is critical because anyone can serve any type of food. The brand and personal story are what makes one Food Truck different.

To begin the journey, Food Truck owners should start writing down the personal story of their Food Truck. It doesn’t need to be long, but they do need to get it in writing and published on their website. If they are stuck, Roundup can help them in putting things in order and make them answer why they love the food business or why they decided to opt for a certain type of menu? Drawing from this personal experience as much as possible can be a huge in unlocking one’s personal brand.

# 3: Focused on the Future

Some of the most successful business stretch way outside the box of what a Food Truck can be. This helps expand their opportunities and open up more consistent channels of revenue.

Some Roundup Food Truck owners would want to start out as a Food Truck, then, they want to expand into franchise opportunities and sell their food online through a website. Since they have an increasingly identifiable brand that allows them to accomplish this.

In Roundup, Food Truck owners have the opportunity to create a food product based on a unique menu item. This will give the owners the freedom in thinking about the other related areas of food that they could get into beyond the Food Truck, like corporate catering or expanding into a restaurant location. In short, Food Truck can be used as a beach head to begin establishing a much larger, more dominant brand.

# 4: Financially Smart

To manage a successful Food Truck, owners should have passion for delivering great food that people want. No one will argue that point. But they also need to make sure that they are bringing in enough profits after expenses at the end of the day. After all, it’s still a business.

At the very first set-up of the business, Roundup gives a heads-up to owners on how important to understand the cost of food, labor, certifications and repairs. This will guide them in pricing and help them gauge the Food Truck market and adapt to what the people want.

For more information about Roundup services, contact us through or call us at 04-514-9488 for more information.

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 There are three requirements to become a contributor:

  1. You must love food trucks and frequent them often.

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