11 Reasons Why People Love Roundup Food Trucks

It is no secret that the UAE community LOVES Food Trucks—the community of foodie fans just can’t get enough of street food. If you have not tried food from a Food Truck before, take a look at these 11 reasons why Roundup Food Trucks rock.

  1. The food is delicious

From fusion foods to gourmet tacos and delicious desserts and coffees, Roundup Food Trucks are becoming the forefront of the UAE dining community, No matter how strong an event may be, the food needs to be exceptional and  Roundup Food Trucks have some of the best street foods in the world.

  1. Roundup Food Truck catering is very creative

Roundup Food Trucks love to have lots of fun with recipes and menu design, so UAE should expect to be wowed by fresh flavors and intriguing ingredients.

  1. A trip to a Food Truck is fun for the whole family

People in UAE have always been clamoring for Roundup events. We can’t blame them because why not try something different for dinner one evening and head out to the nearest Food Truck near your home—the kids will love it for sure.

  1. Food Truck is a great alternative to traditional corporate catering

Got an event coming up? Leave the canapés behind and impress your guests with Roundup’s eclectic Food Trucks menu.

  1. Roundup Food Trucks come in all shapes and sizes

Whether you have a large or a small event, contact Roundup at catering@roundup.ae and we can arrange a tailor made corporate catering package.

  1. Food Trucks are easy on the wallet

Not only does Roundup Food Truck catering taste delicious, you can save money out of it, eating out in Food Trucks cost you only a fraction of the price of restaurant food, which means you can eat out several times a week.

  1. Roundup Food Trucks are bringing gourmet street food to the masses

Whatever place you came from, you can always find something suitable for your taste buds as Roundup Food Trucks offer trendiest foods on a budget.

  1. Roundup Food Truck catering in UAE is convenient

If ever you are in a rush and wants to simply grab quick lunch or something for dinner on the way home, Roundup Food Trucks are your go-to meal.

  1. Food Trucks promote creativity

Just when you think food cannot get any better, Roundup Food Trucks are always updated and creative to match the changing taste of the masses!

  1. Roundup Food Trucks are an important part of the community

It’s a pure joy getting people all together, bringing one community in one place, all sharing the same passion for love of food.

  1. Roundup is a one stop shop for all your Food Truck needs

If you wanted to become not just a Food Truck lover but a Food Truck owner as well, then Roundup can help make your dreams come true. You can set up a meeting with the Director of Roundup, Kris Haggie at kris@54east.com and if you want to know more about Roundup Mobile Business Truck services, send an email to info@roundup.ae

Roundup Launches Food Truck Seminars in UAE

More than 20 people got a chance to learn all about the mobile food business last March 18, 2016 as Roundup launched its very first “Run A Food Truck in UAE”.  A seminar that is focused on how to start a food truck, which has gained a lot of popularity the past couple of years in UAE. “It’s an easy financial capital access way, where the price of entry is much lower than a brick and mortar location,” explained Kris Haggie, Director of Roundup. Topics ranged from food safety regulations to financing and marketing of a food truck business in UAE.

Now, the second seminar will open soon on April 13, 2016 from 7 PM – 9 PM at the Dubai Chamber. Interested clients’ will now have the chance to ask all the questions they have about the Food Truck business and get the answers immediately. Roundup is open for clients who want to know more information about the food truck business and the processes involved.

The Roundup Food Truck seminar is design to help answer any questions potential food truckers may have and offer guidance and expertise in the booming Food Truck industry in UAE. The focus of the seminar is to inform and educate about what it takes to start and run a food truck, what regulations typically exist, and how to position the business for success once it’s up and running.

For those who will be attending the seminar, or even those whose schedule may not afford them the opportunity to attend, here is an appetizer of Food Truck 101. If you are considering this business at all, you probably have an idea of the type(s) of cuisine you would like to sell. However, even before you begin to consider your menu, you will want to consider how you are going to sell your culinary delights.

There are six main points that everyone contemplating a food truck business should consider:

1)    You need to consider your available startup money, your money budget and the potential for returns

2)    You need to consider your commitment to the business: full time operation, part time, special occasions etc.

3)    Your creative ideas and what it will take to fulfill them (i.e. time, money, logistics etc.)

4)    Your experience (if any) at running a business

5)    The size of the business you want to start (i.e. a food trailer, a food truck etc.)

6)    Your ideal demographic


Whether you are attending the seminar this April, one in the future, or are even considering jumping straight in feet first, grabbing a notebook and thoughtfully jotting down the answers to the above questions can only serve to help ensure that your food truck journey gets started in the right direction!

Rest assured that Roundup is here to help and answer all of your questions to help you get started.

After all, we are a one stop shop for all your food truck needs!

To know more about Roundup Food Truck services, send an email to Kris Haggie at info@roundup.ae.

If you are interested in the seminar this April, send an RSVP to seminar@roundup.ae.



5 Steps to Start Your Own Food Truck Business With Roundup

Has the thought of starting your own food truck ever crossed your mind? Do you love to cook for others but don’t want the hassles and stress of trying to open a restaurant? Getting a food truck up and running isn’t easy but can be the less stressful cousin to opening your own restaurant. 54⁰ East, a global food and beverage enterprise, brings out ROUNDUP, its Food Trucks services business. Food Trucks are restaurants on wheels, serving quick, fresh and quality food. It has evolved into an established service concept, particularly in the USA. The US food trucks business is projected to grow up to 2.7 Bn USD by 2017 at a brisk rate of 12.4%.

Roundup answers any questions potential Food Truckers may have and offer guidance and expertise in this booming industry. It informs and educates about what it takes to start and run a Food Truck, what regulations typically exist, and how to position one’s self for success once the business is up and running.

54⁰ East has now more than 17 ROUNDUP Food Truck members since August 2015 and will expand its fleet to around 100 by end of 2016. Each Truck has the capacity to cater to more than 2,000 people. 54⁰ East eventually plans to expand business across Middle East with a goal of 1500 trucks. The ROUNDUP trucks compromise both food and nonfood trucks. 54⁰ East envisions ROUNDUP to develop into a cost effective platform for businesses to reach customers.

In its tryst to provide quality service experience for its customers, 54⁰ East ROUNDUP Division has collaborated with established factories. The company is going all out to back the concept, Along with the launch of its members Food Trucks, the company plans to provide a mobile app on all platforms, serving as a one stop vendor & customer application for managing bookings, GPS enabled location updates, profiles, menus etc. The Food Trucks are available at public locations like beaches, exhibitions and events, food festivals, markets and at the same time, can be booked for private catering. 54⁰ East, ROUNDUP Division also assists in obtaining all the necessary government permissions.

54⁰ East, aptly named after the longitude of its headquarters in Dubai, views this as a pioneering opportunity in the wake of burgeoning population, tourism & demand in the Middle East. The company is no stranger to the F&B market with market leadership in food & catering services across UAE. Founder and CEO of 54⁰ East Ms. Rafia Al Mulla opines “The Food Truck business has a relatively low barrier to entry and more flexibility, as compared to starting a brick & mortar restaurant. Combined with advantages of free marketing means and rapid proto typing, Food Trucks will become wildly popular and an important part of the hospitality industry.’ Mr. Kris Haggie , Director of ROUNDUP with 54⁰ East, adds that the Food Truck is a good way to support SME’s and startups in the food and beverage industry.


ROUNDUP has received full support from the Entrepreneurship initiative of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCII). The launch event for ROUNDUP was hosted on the grounds at Dubai Chamber of Commerce and was attended by many government officials from Dubai Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, prominent among whom were H.E. Majid Saif Al Ghurair, Chairman, H.E. Hamad Buamim, President and CEO, and Essa Al Zaabi, Senior Vice-President.

There are 5 main steps that everyone contemplating a food truck business should consider:

1)  You need to consider your available startup money budget and the potential for returns and business idea and concept food truck / service truck and your ideal demographic

2)  Submit your request to Roundup Team

3)  Roundup Team will contact you for an interview to go over all the options

4)  Roundup team will assist with all the legislation

5)  You can start operation within 2-4 months depending on your business

The ROUNDUP Food Trucks services is open for all food service businesses – newly formed or established ones, to partner in food services for their specific customer groups. Interested businesses and individuals can visit our website www.roundup.ae or submit proposals of their respective business concepts at info@roundup.ae or call us at 04-514-9488 for more information.